What do Wealth Creators do right?

wealth-headerOne of the most asked question in my business NLP training sessions is about people who create wealth. What do they do differently, and what clearly sets them apart from those who still have not created as much wealth.

In today’s world, when people may not even have time to read an article till the end, I would still urge you to read this, for your own benefit, in you are interested increasing wealth and being super rich.

Skipping the formalities, I would straight come to a point by point set of differences and marked behaviour patterns that set these wealth creators apart. See which of these traits you already have, and how you can develop them.

#1 Have One Wealth-Goal

Have a goal about the wealth you want to create, and set a reasonable tie frame to it. Too many goals may tend to distract you. If you find yourself taking multiple opportunities, your effort towards your core opportunity may actually get diluted. If you want to make that one super blockbuster now, just focus on that, till you achieve it. Make take time bound wealth goal, and give it everything it needs to be a reality.

#2  Achievement is a slippery place to stay

Many people, when they become successful and reach their money goals, stop doing things that they were doing to reach that wealth-goal. This peak is a very slippery.

The minute this sense of achievement strikes, get your mind on the beginner state quickly. Set your next wealth goal, check what behaviours helped you achieve your success, take a stock of what went right or wrong, and start again.  The achievers always think like beginners and keep learning, doing and moving ahead.

#3  Passion drives wealth

Whatever your wealth goal is, if you passionate about it, your chances of reaching there increases multifold. Emotions drive power to create wealth. Pure logic may be a good thing to sustain but when you are truly in love with your wealth goal, the whole eco-system around you starts helping you every minute.

#4  To each his own 

People who have created huge amounts of wealth have another trait that they do not care what others think about them, their ideas and their goals. So many times, am idea that could have been worth billions may get shelved just because someone said it may not work. This ‘someone’ may have said so from his map of the world, his beliefs, his experiences or shortcoming. It may not necessarily be true for the rest of the world.

#5 Saving money by preplanning expenses

When you save money by preplanning your expenses, you actually are letting the saved money work harder for your. Most wealth creators have been able to do so by making the right choices of timely investing on themselves and their ideas,much in advance. When you invest timely, your investments not only cost less and save money, they also grow more.

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