The Light Bulb Filament

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Thomas Alva Edison, the great inventor and scientist is said to have tried thousands of materials to make the filament of the light bulb. And each time the filament did not work with the stability, he simply made his notes, and started the experiment with the new materials.

His assistant, one day, felt a little frustrated over this, and remarked, “We have learned nothing. All these experiments have gone waste. “

Edison, calmly replied, “Oh, we have come a long way. We actually have learned that these thousands of materials cannot be used for making a stable filament. Now we can try other material”

There is no failure, only feedback.


One of the many wonderful elements during the Success Maximum NLP Training helps you understand feedback about self at every step of your life, and to make it useful to construct your path to success. Everything what you are told about you, good or bad, can be useful to build your own model of success, in the field of life you want.

This is one of the reasons that we have weaved effective  feedback sessions within each day of the Success Maximum workshop. The Success Maximum workshop helps you give a well defined shape to you path, and hand-hold you to start your walk on it.

Now, it is your opportunity to be on this path of success.

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