Getting Results in just 15 Days with NLP Coaching

Patience + Passion + Dedication + Experience + Selflessness + Direction + Clarity + Support + Friend.  If all of this together can be confined in One name, then the name is “Ashish Sehgal”.

His Coaching is just bang-on. His speciality in pulling you out of a situation and get you going is just impeccable. One can fully rely on him as well as on his ways of coaching.

A project which I was stuck onto since many months got progressed to an unbelievable speed in just 15 days. With Ashish I was able to surprise myself by taking steps that I had never even dreamt of in many years. In just 15 days he showed me my hidden capabilities, which I thought did not exist.

The best thing about Ashish is he himself is un-stoppable, and so he will ensure that you also become like that under his coaching. So no matter how tough and difficult the situations are, he will just make sure that you have your next step ready, and do not get stopped by anything till you reach your goal.

His guidance is Genuine, Well Thought and Well Executed.

Ashish, I cannot thank you enough for the realisations you made me experience in such a small time period. However I still say Thank You right from my heart.

Stay Blessed!

Shwetta Kakar, Pune
Master NLP Practitioner & Coach

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