Addiction Gone with NLP Training – Swished it with NLP

The NLP training was very useful and I learned more than what I really expected. I had enrolled for Ashish Sehgal’s NLP training program because I had heard NLP was useful in my work area ( H.R.). I have been working in the field of HR for seven years and wanted more people’s skills and communication skills.

I have attended many trainings in my career, but this was one that really stands out.  A friendly easy environment, a trainer with decades of experience, and in-depth knowledge of the subject, and yet so humble and polite. This all made me feel so comfortable to learn.

During the training, I discussed my program of watching Internet videos a lot at night.  I used to be glued for hours watching them. Ashish used an NLP Pattern called swish, which initially looked like a game to me. Now, after 4 days, I feel strange that I am no longer watching internet videos. I know I can watch them when I want, but the minute I start thinking of it, the thought of getting up early in morning and going for a walk takes up. I am sure this will continue.

I feel I am doubly benefitted with this NLP Course. I am trained and certified now, and I am over with my addiction too, all thanks to NLP and Ashish Sehgal.

(Name withheld on Request)

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