A Big Thanks to NLP & Ashish Sehgal

After having my last session with Ashish today, I feel so thankful to him and NLP Coaching.

I met him about three months ago during one of his NLP introductory events. Today, while I write this,  I feel so thankful to God that I chose to take the personal coaching with him.

I contacted him after being refered by a friend whom he had helped last year with stress & anxiety issues. Though I was initially apprehensive about NLP, but with the humble and genuine approach that Ashish takes with all his clients, I decided to sign up for three months of NLP coaching. My initial objective was to move to the next level in life. Needless to say – these three months have been changed me as a person, and I know I have evolved a lot, both as a person and a professional.

Though in the past, I had received relationship counselling and some therapy sessions, an they had helped me to feel peaceful, the effect did not seem to last. I was apprehensive about NLP too. But the first session with Ashish changed it all.

In that two hours I spent with him, we went through my personal history and his simple questions brought be huge awareness about how I think and my mind works. During this session, we also worked on setting the goals, which included my emotional goals and professional goals.

Over the next few sessions, Ashish gave me support to understand my emotional issues and look at life in a completely different way. Gradually, we also moved up towards professional goals. In these three months, I managed to switch my job, which I was not able to do in last two years. Two weeks ago, I got my appointment letter from the CA firm of my choice as an associate, and I moved out from a highly frustrating job I earlier had.

What’s more? I am actually dating someone special now :)

NLP is so refreshingly different from other counselling and therapies I had tried in the past. It actually moves you ahead in life, not just give a ‘good feeling’.

I wish I would have discovered NLP ten years ago when I first felt my life is messing up.
In just three months, It is a completely new path for me now. I am glad I met Ashish and I chose to get coached with him. This has been a life changing experience for me and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

~ Virali Gupta, Gurgaon.

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