Success Maximum | RISE

Success Maximum | RISE: Choosing the life you want, and living it!

Success Maximum | Rise! comes to your life as an opportunity to build your life in the direction you want to be in. It is a life training program meant for people who have the intention to bring meaningful changes in their life, by giving it an insightful, meaningful & practical direction.

If that is you, you can choose to be a part of this life & leadership transformation training program and be ready to own your success, your way!

Success Maximum | RISE is your most important step in this amazing life transformation journey. It is also your proud moment that you have taken a decision to change your life for better. You are ready to break your limiting beliefs, win over fears and lead a fulfilling life.

Success Maximum | RISE – A Brief Introduction 

Success Maximum | RISE is a Practical, Experiential & Livewire Workshop that empowers you to reach the next level in your life. It serves you by empowering you while deep-embedding success installations within your subconscious mind.

Success Maximum | RISE systematically takes you through eight layers of your life, empowering each one of them, preparing you for the next level!  Let us talk in brief about these eight layers of our program.


  • Tune In
    • The finer art of listening to your instincts
    • Follow your instincts dynamically
  • Define Your Success Track (The Winner’s Roadmap)
    • The Success Track Magic
    • Taking it in your own hands
    • Discover your driver within
    • Being the architect of your success
  • The Obstacles Course
    • Overcoming Conflicts with self & others
    • Being in-charge of your emotional states
    • Changing Habits, Beliefs & Behaviours
  • Owning Your Success
    • Loving Excellence Within
    • The Deeper Feel of Success
    • Beyond Success
  • Celebrating Your Life
    • Savoring the fruits of success
    • Love, Passion & Life
    • Let Go & Let Be
  • A Connected Life
    • Networking with Passion & Purpose
    • Building Friendships that last
  • Wellness: Align Your Mind, Body & Life
    • The Healer Within
    • The Zero Stress Life
  • Lead Beyond Conventions 
    • The True Leader Emerges
    • The Next Level – Exploring Super-consciousness

It is highly recommended that you attend this seminar if you face any of the following issues in life…

  • If your life feels stuck, stifled or “on hold”
  • If you want to feel more confident
  • If you find yourself procrastinating on your ideas and desires and then feel cross within
  • If you want to get ahead at work & life but you’re not sure which direction to take
  • If you want to manage your time really well so you feel organized and focused in order to achieve excellence
  • If you want a better work/life balance
  • If you feel like your finances are out of control
  • If you want to improve your health and get fit
  • If you want to create better relationships with your partner, family, friends or work colleagues

It is time for your to attend ‘Success Maximum | RISE

Program Fee: Rs 12,500.00 only
Early Bird Fee: Rs 9999.00 only

RISE NLP Workshop & Seminar,
2 Rounds of Tea/Coffee,

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Success Maximum with Ashish Sehgal

How is Success Maximum | RISE Unique?

Come and explore Immersive Transformational Experiences with Ashish Sehgal, and see how it has helped thousands bring positive and meaningful change in their lives.

These two days have the power to not only serve as your turning point in life, but also help you with a deeper understanding of your own deeper inner self.

Life is a great classroom. Life teaches each moment. Make these two days, when you attend  this workshop, your classroom where you will open up to new magnificent learnings about how mind really works and what all you can do to make it the direction you want it to take you.

Experiencing Inner Transformation with Ashish Sehgal.

Ashish Sehgal, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer & a Richard Bandler Licenced NLP Coach, with his more than 30 years of rich experience, will be your coach during this program. He is well known for his coaching, seminars and workshops and has been profesionally helping people to reach the next level in their lives.

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