NLP Training in Delhi

NLP Training in Delhi, INDIA

Bring Excellence in your Life with this NLP Training in Delhi

NLP Training in Delhi

NLP Training in Delhi

NLP Training in Delhi with Ashish Sehgal

Bring excellence and mastery
to your life with this NLP Training in Delhi. Enjoy being here while you browse through information about the NLP training and certification opportunities in Delhi & Gurgaon with us. Your NLP & Life Coaching Certifications are issued through ‘BusinessUniv Academy‘ and are accredited with IINLP that is known for its authenticity and codes of ethics. This NLP training is held in Delhi on a regular basis and you can find the upcoming dates by clicking here.

During this in-depth NLP training in Delhi, you will be training with Ashish Sehgal, who is known as one of the finest NLP coaches having helped thousands of people get what they want in their lives. His NLP training method offers an effective combination of classroom teaching, life coaching and experiential training systems. With more than 30 years of experience, he works and lives in New Delhi and currently holds regular NLP trainings at Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai & Goa.

You can meet your coach Ashish Sehgal personally before your signup, to put forward your objectives & goals for your NLP training by taking an appointment here


Come and join us at the most popular IINLP Life Coach & NLP Training in New Delhi, India. Train with NLP Coach Ashish Sehgal

This is a unique NLP training in Delhi, quite ahead any other NLP Training Program. It brings in the best elements of personal, professional and social success together on a single platform. You experience great learnings with ease and flow. The program, the coach and the participants together expreince deep learnings with ease and flow. It is a once in a lifetime transformational experience.


Is the NLP Practitioner Program suitable for my requirements?

The Success Maximum NLP Training & Practitioner Certification Programme is designed to help yourself and your clients to develop a systematic linguistic approach for your brain. It is like understanding how your brain works and how can you make it work as per your own choices.

If you want to master the art of effective linguistic communication, have more choices in life, be highly influential; either to improve you own knowledge or to use the experience within a training, coaching or therapy environment, then the Success Maximum NLP Training & Practitioner Certification Programme is for you.

What you will learn during the NLP Training & Practitioner Certification ProgrammeNLP Training in Delhi

  • How to manage your emotional state and choose how you feel despite any situation you find yourself in and how to share this knowledge with others
  • How to use the power of your mind to easily and effortlessly overcome any bad feelings or associations you have to situations, people, places and things.
  • The power of Language. Uncover the hidden meanings in what people say. Artful ways to loosen limiting beliefs in others. Wakening people out of their own limiting language.
  • Find out how people motivate themselves (and don’t!). Identify what drives people to behave in certain ways and to change it.
  • Helping people overcome conflict – within themselves and with others – so that they can move forward without being hooked back into un-resourceful positions.
NLP Practitioner Certification
This NLP Training in Delhi is approved by IHA as ‘Certified Practitioner of NLP‘. Your NLP Practitioner Intensive Certificate will be issued by BusinessUniv on successful completion of the course and project, accredited with IINLP, Approved by IHA, and would be signed by Ashish Sehgal. You also have the option to get directly certified by IHA, USA by paying the requisite fee on the successful completion of this NLP Practitioner Training.


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