Begin 2018 with A Touch of Magic

NLP + Life Coaching Retreat @ Goa - Jan'18

Dates: Jan 2nd to 7th, 2018

The NLP + Life Coaching Retreat that helps you transform lives

You are welcome to be a part of this in-depth Transformational Training & Workshop, often a life changing experience. Your coach Ashish Sehgal smoothly guides you through this magical journey of meaningful miracles within yourself and around. Your NLP + Life Coaching experiences on the beaches of Goa will be the most amazing memories you will have. Picture it!

What do I expect at the NLP + Life Coaching Retreat @ Goa

You, with your batchmates and your coach Ashish Sehgal shall immerse in this amazing NLP + Life Coaching Training. This 6 day retreat is specifically designed so that it helps you get better results in your personal, professional and social life. The training aims to develop NLP Practitioner & Life Coaching / Master Coach skills, resulting in  achieving outstanding results with yourself & your clients. 


The most wonderful benefits that you will gain during the NLP + Life Coaching Retreat is better control over your own thoughts, feelings, emotions and the ability, therefore, to install behaviours & beliefs that are truly useful for you.


The Success Maximum Life Coaching + NLP Practitioner Program is a unique program that not only embeds deep learning of how human mind works, but also helps you to get to the next level of your life, by resolving blockages and issues in your own life. This course is designed  on the basis of researches & teachings of Dr. Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Milton Erikson,  Robert Dilts & David Grove. These great researchers include the founders of NLP and developers of some of the greatest and most useful systems that you shall learn & experience during this Success Maximum NLP Practitioner program. 


And all this would happen at a beautiful beach at Goa. 

Tell me more about this retreat

How does it help me?


This NLP + Life Coaching Retreat is designed to help yourself and your clients to develop a systematic linguistic approach for your brain.  It is like understanding how your brain works and how can you make it work as per your own choices.


This IINLP Certified NLP + Life Coaching Retreat @ Goa will prove to be quite beneficial for you to master the art of effective linguistic communication, have more choices in life, be highly influential; improve your own knowledge and use the experience within a training, coaching or therapy environment.


It is time to grow happily and live fully.

A Word about Ashish, your coach!


Ashish Sehgal is a leading Business & Life Coach, an Internationally Licensed & Certified NLP Coach + Master Practitioner and an entrepreneur since more then 3 decades. He has been certified by Richard Bandler, John La Velle and Michael Beale as SNLP Licensed NLP Coach.


His vast life and work experience, along-with his casual conversations approach towards life skills enables him to bring useful changes with a multitude of individuals, corporates and organizations.


His mission is to cultivate the right attitude in your life that will help you grow and live a happy & fulfilling life.

How does this retreat  help me in my life?

NLP has helped millions of people to:

  • Set and achieve goals of life

  • Be motivated & empowered

  • Gain freedom & choices in life

  • Change habits as per choice

  • Realise & optimise your potential

  • Enhance relationship in all areas of your life

  • Develop useful beliefs & a powerful mindset

  • Get over with fear, phobias and limiting beliefs

  • Bring more mastery to your communications

  • Handle stress with ease, lightness and humour

  • and much more...

Life coaching with Ashish Sehgal helps you to

  • Be completely aware of your hidden resources within yourself

  • See clearly how you want to walk the path of you life

  • Set and achieve personal, professional & social goals

  • Balance and enjoy your relationships to the fullest

  • Follow your dreams & passion

  • Move ahead when you are stuck or lost

  • Build amazing confidence and stay motivated

  • Explore your joy & happiness, beyond conventions

  • Increase your independence quotient

  • Bring flexibility in your life

  • and much more...

Life at our  unique retreats

What do participants say about it

What about Certification & Accreditation?

The Training comes to you from BusinessUniv


BusinessUniv crafts individuality, freedom & leadership in individuals and organizations through its NLP training programs.

Since 2004, BusinessUniv – Academy of Exceptional Competence has been actively involved in NLP research, training and facilitation. BusinessUniv based in New Delhi, with presence in Gurgaon, Mumbai & Goa.

The Certification is accredited by IINLP


IINLP is an international guild of NLP & Coaching professionals. 


The objective of the IINLP – (Institute of Integrated Neuro-Linguistic Programming), a global standards association for NLP Coaches & Trainers is to endorse ethical and professional NLP coaches, trainers and organisations.

Where exactly would it be organised in Goa?

What is the fee for  this unique retreat?

The program fee structure is as follows:

Early Bird Fee

Rs. 39,000.00 only 
(instead of the regular fee of Rs. 49000.00).

This fee includes:

  • Training Fee
  • Certification
  • Lunch for 6 training days


The exciting easy pay option:

The registration amount is Rs. 15,000.00 only and you can pay now and claim your seat.
You can pay the balance before 15th December 2017. 


Registration Fee:

Payment Link for Registration Fee: Rs. 15,000.00 only.

(Balance to be paid before December 15th, 2017)


Want a discount? 

Pay Full Fee and avail a 10% off right now!



Early Bird Fee after 10% Discount Rs. 35000.00 only.



What are the suggestions for the stay?

Optional Stay:

Being a time close to the New Year, stay on a Goa beach could be expensive, if not pre-booked. We have negotiated with some beach huts on Palolem beach, and have a good deal for our participants.


Please know that the accommodation booking is optional (not included in the training fee).

Wooden beach huts  (basic stay option)

  • Rs. 2000.00 to Rs. 2500.00 only, per person per night on shared basis. (Stay only & shared occupancy)
  • Rs. 3,000.00 to Rs. 3500.00 only, per person per night, on individual basis. (Stay only & individual occupancy) 
  • more options can be discussed directly with hut owners. 


Book your tickets & stay early. The booking for these huts are subject to availability. All pre-booking and final payments for accommodation is to be directly paid to beach hut owners.


I am really interested! How do I contact you?

Getting in touch is quite easy.

 Please fill the form and we shall get in touch with you. 



We are available on Phone / SMS / WhatsApp: +91 9810188629 


Meet personally @ Gurgaon. (If you live in New Delhi-NCR / Gurgaon)

Call/WhatsApp –  fix an appointment to meet your coach Ashish Sehgal personally and start your journey. 


Email: [email protected]


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