Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Certification

Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Certification, New Delhi, India


Come and join us at the most popular IINLP Life Coach & NLP Practitioner Certification in New Delhi, India. Train with Ashish Sehgal and learn to

  • manage your own mental states and emotions
  • manage the unexpected with refined skill
  • build wealth and success
  • influence with communication skills
  • enrich your relationships
  • get into a healthier lifestyle
  • have more focus, confidence and ongoing motivation
  • stay happy, always, without external reasons
  • be a person that helps and inspires others
  • build an internal strategy to success
  • get on a roadmap to your own success
  • get on a journey to lifelong success, happiness and joy
  • ….. much more…..

Success Maximum is a unique NLP training, quite ahead any other NLP Practitioner Program. It brings in the best elements of personal, professional and social success together on a single platform. You expereince great learnings with ease and flow. The program, the coach and the participants together expreince deep learnings with ease and flow. It is a once in a lifetime experience.


I coach you to a path that leads to where you want to be. Since many years, I have coached individuals, organisations and open groups bringing extraordinary results that have amazed everyone including myself.

With more than three decades of experience, and being a Richard Bandler’s SNLP Licensed Coach  + Master Practitioner of NLP,  I bring all my skill, experience and mastery to the service of those who seek my training & coaching.

~ Ashish Sehgal 

Your vision is about excellence in your personal, professional and social life. Your ability, to enjoy your relationships to the fullest. Your ability to get your business surging ahead. Your career going in the direction you want. Your prominence and fame growing all around. Whatever you wish for, you already have the resources for the same, within yourself. ‘Success Maximum NLP Training & Practitioner Certification‘ helps your to allow yourself, to bring these resources to your awareness, and then to build them internally and enjoy the transformation you undergo.

nlp-practioner-intensive-blockIs the NLP Practitioner Program suitable for my requirements?

The Success Maximum NLP Training & Practitioner Certification Programme is designed to help yourself and your clients to develop a systematic linguistic approach for your brain. It is like understanding how your brain works and how can you make it work as per your own choices.

If you want to master the art of effective linguistic communication, have more choices in life, be highly influential; either to improve you own knowledge or to use the experience within a training, coaching or therapy environment, then the Success Maximum NLP Training & Practitioner Certification Programme is for you.

group2What is the NLP Training & Practitioner Certification?

The NLP Training & Practitioner Certification is a 6 day NLP course specifically designed to help you get better results in your personal, professional and social life. The training aims to develop NLP Practitioner skills will help achieve outstanding results with yourself & your clients. Your own thinking patterns have a powerful effect over your own emotions, feelings and then they create your behaviours. The most wonderful benefits that you shall gain better control over your own thoughts, feelings, emotions and the ability to, therefore, change behaviours in a direction that are truly useful for you.

group1What you will learn during the NLP Training & Practitioner Certification Programme

  • How to manage your emotional state and choose how you feel despite any situation you find yourself in and how to share this knowledge with others
  • How to use the power of your mind to easily and effortlessly overcome any bad feelings or associations you have to situations, people, places and things.
  • The power of Language. Uncover the hidden meanings in what people say. Artful ways to loosen limiting beliefs in others. Wakening people out of their own limiting language.
  • Find out how people motivate themselves (and don’t!). Identify what drives people to behave in certain ways and to change it.
  • Helping people overcome conflict – within themselves and with others – so that they can move forward without being hooked back into un-resourceful positions.

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NLP Practitioner Intensive Training’ features

IHA Certified NLP Training

Fully Accredited IHA - NLP Certification Program
Our special in-depth NLP programs are approved by IHA (International Hypnosis Association), USA. On successful competition of this program, your certificate clearly mentions that you are a ‘Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming‘.

You can also eligible for direct certification from IHA, via BusinessUniv, on payment of IHA fees

The IINLP Edge
iinlp-gold-logo The programme is also approved & accredited by IINLP, the premier NLP Accreditation community. IINLP is an international guild of NLP professionals, walking together with commitmentethicsskill and professionalism. The Integrated Institute of  NLP  (IINLP) supports the fast growing community of NLP qualified professionals  that contribute to the world of NLP by using their skills as an NLP trainer, practitioner, therapist or coach.
Global Quality Standards
iso-smallThis unique NLP Training comes to you from BusinessUniv – A globally ISO Certified NLP Training & Coaching Organisation. This ensures that the quality standards are maintained in each NLP training and coaching we undertake and hold the highest standards. Each workshop, training session or mentoring session we conduct, we ensure maximum individual level deep rooting on concepts using highly influential NLP methodology.
Amazing Applied NLP Training
Your are coached for your life goals. The objective of the training is to embed NLP excellence in your identity. This is far more effective than any other so called NLP Training because it is not just about learning the techniques, but to learn the applications relevant to your own life and objectives.
The Right Balance of Structured Training & Experiential Learning
The program is dynamically managed looking into your objectives in view. The active ‘every session feedback system‘ lets us dynamically re-organise the flow of the sessions on the go. Yes, each individual session gives you an opportunity to reflect back and we build the program based on feedback after every session. Also, as you choose you build your own experiences and intensify your own learning, we support you in doing what best you do. The program is designed to build experiences that enhance your learnings on the go.

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Personal Attention with Smaller Groups
The groups are smaller that enable immense personal attention to you and your objectives. We realise that we are working with individuals in the group and not a herd of sheep. We want each individual to get personal attention and space.
Free Revisits to Success Maximum
And when at some time you feel you need to re-learn, you can have free revisits of the Success Maximum program. You will only pay the location+food fee, and the training charges shall be waived off. These free-revisits would be available to you for six months from the date of the program you attend. We would be glad to see you when you re-visit and learn even more, every-time.
Internal Integration with Vision of your life
With our unique ‘Auto Installation of Success‘ model, we take the responsibility to deep-embed the learnings that you choose to take with you. Our conversational deep embedding sessions make your learnings life long with you and find newer methods to multiply your success.
Re-imprinting & Coaching
You with having access to the following super powerful resources once you successfully complete the program:

  • Replies to your questions via mail
  • Personal Coaching Session with Certified Life & Business Coaches
  • Access to the BusinessUniv Practice NLP Online Group for discussions
NLP Practitioner Certification
This program is approved by IHA as ‘Certified Practitioner of NLP‘. Your NLP Practitioner Intensive Certificate will be issued by BusinessUniv on successful completion of the course and project, approved by IINLP, Approved by IHA, and would be signed by NLP Master Practitioner & Success Coach Ashish Sehgal. You also have the option to get directly certified by IHA, USA by paying the requisite fee on the successful completion of this NLP Practitioner Training.



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