How mind works… and beyond!

How Mind WorksYou already are so interested in knowing ‘how mind works’.

Now it is time to understand and learn how you can use the amazing strength and flexibility of you own mind, to get them to work towards your own success. It is time to attend one of our most powerful NLP trainings – the ‘Success Maximum’  5 day Training Workshop.

Millions of people worldwide, and thousands of them in India have discovered NLP, and have experienced how beautifully it transforms their lives.  Now, it is your time to experience the power of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Now, It is time to transform your life,.

Now, it is time to attend the ‘Success Maximum’ 5 Day Experiential  NLP Training & Workshop.

You have spend precious years of your life, reaching the point where you are today, And now, you really desire to reach a point where you have consistent success, ongoing happiness and ultimate peace.

You already know that as you have been searching for this path, where you are standing today. Your gut feel tells you that you should take some extra help, learn an extra skill quickly. that will enlighten your vision, brighten up your path, and show you the shortest distance between your and your success.

You are busy, and you know that you need highly efficient solutions that work in the shortest possible time. This is where you choose the ‘Success Maximum’ NLP Training Program.

I would, for you interest and benefit, like to brief you about this program here.

What is ‘Success Maximum’?

Success Maximum program is a 5 Days Applied NLP Training & Workshop, often a life changing experience, that your Coach Ashish Sehgal guides you through this journey full of meaningful miracles that you witness within yourself and around.

You can choose to know more about the ‘Success Maximum NLP Training’ by clicking here.

How can ‘NLP’ & ’Success Maximum’ enable and help me?

Applied NLP Helps you to

  • Enhance relationship in all areas in your life
  • Get over with fear, phobias and limiting beliefs
  • Set and achieve goals of life
  • Bring more mastery to your communications
  • Handle stress with lightness and humour
  • much more…

‘Success Maximum Program’ enables you to

  • Be completely aware of your hidden resources within yourself and around you
  • See clearly how you want to walk the path of you life
  • Set and achieve personal and professional goals of life
  • Balance and enjoy your relationships to the fullest
  • Do what you are passionate about, with more internal resources
  • much more…

The Chief Facilitator

Ashish Sehgal is a leading Business & Life Coach, a true ‘thought leader’, an Internationally Certified NLP Master Practitioner and an entrepreneur since more then 2 decades.

His vast life and work experience, along-with his casual conversations approach towards life skills enables him to bring useful changes with a multitude of individuals, corporates and organisations.

You can choose to read more about him here.

You have come a long way! You want to turn over a new chapter in your life. 

Now, it is time to step ahead. Now, it is time to change for good. Now it is time to live fully.

Now, it is time to call me  (Ruby Rathore at +91 95 60 46 2222) and book your seat.
Remember to ask for the Early Bird Benefits and Discounts. 

What matters to you most, is success in what you want to do in life. 

Now, you can choose the right way. It is here right in front of you. It is the ‘Success Maximum’ way of life. It is your preferred way of life.

Seats are filling fast and they are limited.
The Early Bird booking is on. Act Now.

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