What is NLP? And what it is not!

What is NLP?

What is NLP? There is a lot of discussion lately about what exactly is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as it is becoming an important subject of study in human behaviour sciences. All along the discussions about NLP,  a lot of being said or claimed which may or may not be…

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How happy are you?

Happiness with NLP Training in Delhi

Deep inside every human, there is a deep desire to be successful. It is this desire that has driven humans to be such wonderful achievers over millions of years. This desire, to be successful, is deep embedded in you too. This desire is inside you. To be successful in whatever…

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How mind works… and beyond!

How Mind Works

You already are so interested in knowing ‘how mind works’. Now it is time to understand and learn how you can use the amazing strength and flexibility of you own mind, to get them to work towards your own success. It is time to attend one of our most powerful…

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The Light Bulb Filament

Nlp Training in Delhi

It is so simple that anyone can Do It! Thomas Alva Edison, the great inventor and scientist is said to have tried thousands of materials to make the filament of the light bulb. And each time the filament did not work with the stability, he simply made his notes, and started…

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Forget It!

FORGET IT! … Everyday, we get so many learning quotes and messages from everywhere. Be it our friends, families, cellphone and even though Facebook and twitter. Everyone today seems to tell us what we should learn. Someone said today – Be optimistic, The other message said – Learn to be…

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Create A Wonderful Life

What is a wonderful life about?  Life is not about what you own, how much money you have, how many houses or property you have acquired or even how famous you have become.It is simply about how wonderfully you spend each little moment of your life. It is about how happy,…

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Independence from Yesterday

How many of you like reading last month’s, or last year’s newspaper everyday? And how many of you like to know about today? THE ONLY TIME, THAT EXISTS, IS NOW. The past has no power on our present. Our power lies in our present thoughts. Our power lies in the thoughts…

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