Being Assertive

Assertiveness: The NLP Way

We all love to be treated in a fair way. And we all want our assertiveness to stand up for our rights, in a way that does not hurt or violate rights or lives of other people. We want to speak out clearly, in a justified way, about our preferences, views, wishes and emotions.

This is what we call, being assertive. It is to take you stand point, without being aggressive or inconsiderate. It is not about being demanding or hostile. It is more about being responsible about what we really need.

There are times when one just wants to be just ‘polite’ and ‘nice’. This may bring in some amount of appreciation but may also lead to accommodating others to an extend that one start feeling suffocated. Also, being ‘just nice’ to an greedy and dominant person can ruin your own peace of mind.

On the other hand, be always assertive can get you labeled as a hardliner. The art is to use assertiveness as a tool, and automatically bring it on as and when your require.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) gives us tools and methods to help us being alertly assertive. 

The whole process includes two sub processes, namely, being alert in the present, and switching into an assertive mode at will.

Assertiveness is also a good antidote to fear, shyness and even anger.

These processes can be learned and automated within you, using NLP.

The Success Maximum NLP Trainings has a special module on building assertiveness, which can be requested specially during your advanced training or when you are being singularly coached.

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