Ashish Sehgal

Professional Life Coach & Trainer of NLP - Ashish Sehgal helps his clients to achieve personal and professional goals, overcome life problems, relationship problems, fears, anxiety, depression and addiction by transforming self-limiting beliefs. His nlp and life coaching techniques help them discover new meaning in life as they grow more conscious of their true potential.

Create A Wonderful Life

What is a wonderful life about?  Life is not about what you own, how much money you have, how many houses or property you have acquired or even how famous you have become.It is simply about how wonderfully you spend each little moment of your life. It is about how happy,…

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Independence from Yesterday

How many of you like reading last month’s, or last year’s newspaper everyday? And how many of you like to know about today? THE ONLY TIME, THAT EXISTS, IS NOW. The past has no power on our present. Our power lies in our present thoughts. Our power lies in the thoughts…

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