Ashish Sehgal


Where are you at, now? And where do you want to be!

I coach you to a path that leads to where you want to be. Since many years, I have coached individuals, organisations and open groups bringing extraordinary results that have amazed everyone including myself.

With more than two decades of real business experience, being a Master Practitioner of NLP, and Business & Life Coach, I bring all my skill, experience and mastery to the service of those who seek my help.

How do I get results, for all of you, consistently?

Everything I do starts with awareness and build up into what you desire for yourself. I follow a multitude of models and modalities, including Time Line Models, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching and  many more highly helpful skills that I have mastered in my long and wonderful journey.

My total work experience is more than 25 years now, and being an open minded learner, have mastered my learnings by turning them into models and applying successfully in hundreds of situations.

How can I help you? Choose your preferred way!

Success Maximum Program

Success Maximum‘ is often a life changing experience, in many subtle and profound ways.  Build on a potent combination of Life Coaching, NLP and Time line Modalities, coupled with my decades of experience working with people, Success Maximum Program helps you to find out your inner strengths and build your success on it, using your own life experiences and the experiences you gain during the program. Find out more, Now

Personal Coaching Sessions

Personal Coaching sessions are suitable when you need a one-to-one interaction in order to work towards a desired outcome for yourself. These sessions help you explore your desired state of mind, and find ways to reach that state. I help you to uncover your true potential, within yourself and from the resources available with you.  I prefer to use a method which offers a lot of flexibility, in order to develop your abilities for your outcomes. Know more… 

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching sessions are available for both leaders and teams. I help companies to help its people reach to their true potential with my customised trainings and corporate coaching sessions. Be it the one-to-one leadership coaching, or team coaching for issues like change management, team bonding, sales boost or ownership building, I help you with customised programs build only for your company. Contact Me

You can now choose to Contact Me  for more information, or Continue Reading about Success Maximum programme

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